Paralegal Associations

    • American Alliance of Paralegals (AACP)
      The American Alliance of Paralegals is a national organization focusing on the individual paralegal attaining and maintaining formal, legal and continuing education. The American Alliance also encourages collaboration and affiliation with paralegal, legal and other local and national organizations.


    • American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE)
      AAfPE is a national organization that serves the needs of paralegal educators and institutions offering paralegal educational programs. AAfPE’s primary purposes are rooted in the continuing development of higher quality education for paralegal students as well as to be the main source of authority in paralegal academics.


    • Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) The Association of Legal Administrators is a dynamic, growing organization that exists to provide a wealth of resources for its members. For 28 years ALA has supported legal managers as they face the joys and challenges of their careers. Today, the association has grown to more than 9,000 members in more than 20 countries.


    • International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA) The International Paralegal Management Association was established in 1984 as the Legal Assistant Management Association. It is an international association of managers of paralegal programs in law firms, corporate legal departments and government, and judicial and legal agencies.


    • National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) The National Association of Legal Assistants is the leading professional association for legal assistants and paralegals, providing continuing education and professional development programs. Incorporated in 1975, NALA is an integral part of the legal community, working to improve the quality and effectiveness of the delivery of legal services. NALA is composed of over 18,000 paralegals, through individual members and through its 90 state and local affiliated associations.


    • NALS…the association for legal professionals Formed in 1929 in Long Beach, California, and incorporated in 1949 as NALS, we have been the premier association for legal professionals for nearly 75 years. NALS offers members of the legal services industry education, certifications, and career enhancement opportunities through programs and conferences designed for the legal services industry.


    • National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA)
      The National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc., promotes a global presence for the paralegal profession and leadership in the legal community.


    • National Paralegal Association (NPA)
      The NPA is an international organization offering benefits and services to individuals, law firms, corporate legal departments, independent paralegals, paralegal training schools and colleges as well as those offering services or products to those involved in the paralegal profession.

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Paralegal & Legal Assistant Associations – Regional

Region I | Region II | Region III | Region IV | Region V


Region I:

Alaska: Alaska Association of Paralegals
California: Sacramento Valley Paralegal Association
San Francisco Paralegal Association
Hawaii: Hawaii Paralegal Association
Nevada: (no website at this time)
Oregon: Oregon Paralegal Association
Washington: Washington State Paralegal Association

Region II:

Arkansas: Arkansas Paralegal Association
Colorado: Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association
Illinois: Illinois Paralegal Association
Kansas: Kansas Paralegal Association
Louisiana: New Orleans Paralegal Association
Minnesota: Minnesota Paralegal Association
Missouri: Missouri State Paralegal Association (currently no website)
Nebraska: (serviced by the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association)
New Mexico:
North Dakota:
South Dakota: (serviced by the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association)
Texas: Dallas Area Paralegal Association
Utah: (serviced by the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association)
Wyoming: (serviced by the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association)

Region III:

Florida: South Florida Paralegal Association
Tampa Bay Paralegal Association
Georgia: Georgia Association of Paralegals, Inc.
Indiana: Indiana Paralegal Association
Michiana Paralegal Association
Northeast Indiana Paralegal Association
Kentucky: Greater Lexington Paralegal Association, Inc.
North Carolina:
Ohio: Cleveland Association of Paralegals
Paralegal Association of Central Ohio
South Carolina: Palmetto Paralegal Association
Tennessee: Memphis Paralegal Association
Middle Tennessee Paralegal Association

Region IV:

District of Columbia: National Capital Area Paralegal Association
Navy Legalmen (no website at this time)


Maryland Association of Paralegals, Inc.
National Capital Area Paralegal Association
New Jersey: South Jersey Paralegal Association
Pennsylvania: Central Pennsylvania Paralegal Association
Lycoming County Paralegal Association
Montgomery County Paralegal Association
Philadelphia Association of Paralegals
Pittsburgh Paralegal Association
Virginia: Paralegal Association of Northern Virginia
National Capital Area Paralegal Association
West Virginia:

Region V:

Connecticut: Central Connecticut Paralegal Association, Inc.
Connecticut Association of Paralegals, Inc.
New Haven County Association of Paralegals, Inc.
Massachusetts: Central Massachusetts Paralegal Association()
Massachusetts Paralegal Association
Western Massachusetts Paralegal Association
New Hampshire: Paralegal Association of New Hampshire
New York: Capital District Paralegal Association, Inc.
Long Island Paralegal Association
New York City Paralegal Association
Paralegal Association of Rochester, Inc.
Western New York Paralegal Association
Rhode Island: Rhode Island Paralegal Association
Vermont: Vermont Paralegal Organization