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Case Management Software

Abacus Law Case Management & Calendaring Software
ARIS Legal Management Systems Case Management Software
Gryphon Legal Software Case & Practice Management Sofware
Amicus Attorney Case Management Sofware
Chief Legal Officer Case Management Sofware – High End
Legal Edge Case Management Sofware – High End
Saga Case Management Sofware
LegalEdge Case Management Sofware
Software Technology, Inc. Case Management Sofware
Needles Case Management Sofware
Tek-Law Legal Case Management Software Case Management Sofware
TrialWorks Case Management Sofware
VirtuaLaw Case Management Sofware
The Prevail Case Management System Case Management Sofware
ProLaw Case Management, Billing, Document Management, Accounting
CaseMaster Case Management (STI Also Has T&B, Trust, Acctg)
Case and Point Powerful Matter Management for Corporate Legal Departments
CMS Open – Practice Management Software
Time Matters Law office calendar, tickler, contact, & Case Management Software
Legal Software Development Inc Case management & Accounting Software

Office Management Software

AltaPoint Law Office Management
DOCket Legal Office Management Tool
ESI Software Law Office Management
CompuLegal Law Office Management
CaseProLaw Law Office Management
MicroLaw Legal Office Software
RBS Software Legal Office Software
Elite Information Systems Fully integrated suite of Law Firm Management Software

Document Management Software

Capsoft Document Management Software
Expert Ease Software, Inc. Document Management Software
Fast Track Litigation Support Document Management Software
Pro Cura Document Management Software
Hot Docs Document Assembly – Stand-Alone Or W/CM
Worldox Document Management Software
PC DOCS Document Management Software
Wade Systems, Inc Document imaging software for the United States federal court system
Visioneer Hardware and software designed to allow attorneys to get paper into their computers and put it to work
Capsoft Development Legal Document assembly software
Access Management Corporation Litigation document management and regulatory/compliance management software

Practice Area Software

AIMS Data Systems Litigation Software
Bit Legal Software Bankruptcy Software
Cheetah Systems Litigation Software
Cowles Legal Systems Estate Planning Software
Immigrant Professional Immigration Software
inData Corporation Litigation Software
KeyPoint Criminal Law Software
LamSon Technology Bankruptcy Software
Lawpro, Inc. Litigation Software
The Mediator Mediation Software
New Hope Software Bankruptcy Software
Legal Research Associates Bankruptcy Software
IT IS, Inc. Litigation Software
InsMark Estate Planning Software
Mirror Systems Litigation Software
ProBATE Software Estate Planning Software
De Novo Systems Litigation Software
Summation Legal Technologies, Inc. Litigation Support Software
Vanguard Software Corp Litigation Support Software
BNA Software Tax planning Software
Argosy Legal Systems Real Estate Transaction Software
Brentmark Software Estate, Retirement & Financial Planning Software
The Arm Group Contract Management Software
Z-Law Software, Inc. Pro Bono Real Estate Software
Fiduciary Accounting for the Trust and Estate Lawyers
Best Case Bankruptcy Bankruptcy software that includes forms for debtors’ filings under Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13.
Gravity, Inc. Litigation Support Software
FreshStartSeven Automated software aimed at automating the filing U.S. Bankruptcies proceedings
Frest$tart$even WordPerfect based Bankruptcy Software
Legal Med Ware Medical-Legal Software for the Review and Analysis of Medical Records for Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers’ Compensation, Wrongful Death and Products Liability Litigation

Accounting & Billing Software

Alpine Datasystems, Inc. Legal Accounting Software
ASA Legal Accounting Software for Lawyers
Hammond-Rust Software Accounting Software for Lawyers
BQE Software Inc Billing Software
Brief Accounting Accounting Software for Lawyers
Cassandra Software Accounting Software for Lawyers
Client Context Accounting Software for Lawyers
DHDial & Company Financial Software for Lawyers
CompuLaw Accounting Software for Lawyers
Orion Law Management Systems, Inc. Legal Accounting Software
PC Law Time & Billing (Trust And Accounting)
Power Legal Legal Accounting Software
Silver State Software Legal Accounting Software
Pro Law Software Case Management, Billing, Document Management, Accounting
Time Pro Legal Software, Inc. Legal Accounting Software
Time Slips Time & Billing Software
Versys Corporation Legal Accounting Software
Custom Micro Systems Legal Accounting Software
Intuit Quickbooks and Quickbooks Pro Low End General Accounting (Sometimes Used For Trust)
Peachtree Low End General Accounting (Time & Billing Available)
TABS Time & Billing 11,000+ Installations (Includes Trust & General Accounting)
Juris Time & Billing & Accounting
CompuLaw Time & Billing & Accounting
Computer Law Systems Time & Billing, Case Mgt (And Accounting)
Omega Legal Time & Billing & Accounting (over 10,000 users)
Great Plains Accounting High End General Accounting – Often Used With Billing Systems
Time Matters Time & Billing Software
ESI LAW Law Accounting Software

Other Legal Software

Keystone Professional Legal Software
ESI Law Office Management Software Legal Software
Dale Tincher’s Legal Technology Articles
CaseMap Litigation case knowledge manager
CaseSoft Case Mapping Software
Summation Litigation Support Software
Softpro Corporation Complete suite of software programs for automating the Real Estate Closing and Title Insurance process – Includes Trust
Dovico Software Tracks Time & Costs of Projects and Activities As Work Is Being Performed
Fiduciary Accounting for the Trust and Estate
North Carolina Software Trial Court Desktop Interactive 32 Version, The Federal Civil Forms Wizard, Summons & Subpoenas (S&P calculates only, plus retains some data)
CompareRite Legal Software
Caere – OmniPage Legal Software
Lawex’s Ghostfill document automation, NetLizard and TrialPro
AFAB Bates 98 Bates Numbering Program
Abacus Totality Debt Collection Software
JS Technologies CollectMax law office Collection Software
Fresh Start Bankruptcy, Word Indexing/Extracting, Proof of Claims
Law Firm Software An industry leader in Legal Software Development
Equitrac Cost Recovery Software (and hardware)
Alternative Team Ltd Customized Legal Software
Appeals Unlimited Software Legal Software
Blumberg Excelsior Legal Software
Brief Exchange Legal Software
CaribSoft Innovations Inc Legal Software
CaseLode Legal Software
CMS/Data Corporation Legal Software
Computer Law Systems Legal Software
Executive Data Systems Legal Software
Idea exhibit presentation software
Inherent Legal Software
Juris Legal Software
Jury Profiler Solution Jury Analyzing Software
Law Disks Legal Software
Lawgic Publishing Company Legal Research Software
Law Software Innovations Legal Software
Legal Anywhere Intranet Software for Lawyers
Legal Computer Solutions Legal Software
Legal WebFront Legal Research Software