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American Bar Association – ABA

    • American Bar Association – ABA
      To serve equally our members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession.

ABA – Sections

    • ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice
      The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice focuses on the full range of administrative law issues. The mission of the section is to promote the sound development of local, state and federal administrative law, procedure and practice; and to promote regulatory reform through advancing the principles and gains made under the Administrative Procedures Act. The section also seeks improvements in the Act; in the operations and procedures of local, state and federal administrative agencies; in governmental personnel procedures, selection and operations; in the skills of lawyers engaged in administrative law and regulatory practice, and to promote scholarly research in the field of administrative law.
    • ABA Section of Antitrust Law
      The ABA Section of Antitrust Law is dedicated to providing its members the people and the resources to enhance their professional development and practices. Our membership is a diverse one, including government, private practice (large and small law firm), corporate, international, and academic, and spans a broad array of professionals and geographies.
    • ABA Section of Business Law
      The ABA Section of Business Law is to serve the public, the profession and the Section by furthering the development and improvement of business law, educating Section members in business law and related professional responsibilities, and helping Section members to serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.
    • ABA Section of Criminal Justice Law
      The ABA Section of Criminal Justice has primary responsibility for the American Bar Association’s work on solutions to issues involving crime, criminal law, and the administration of criminal and juvenile justice. The Section plays an active leadership role in bringing the views of the ABA to the attention of federal and state courts, Congress, and other federal and state judicial, legislative, and executive policy-making bodies. The Section also serves as a resource to its members on issues in the forefront of change in the criminal justice arena.
    • ABA Section of Dispute Resolution
      The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution provides its members and the public with creative leadership in the dispute resolution field by fostering diversity, developing and offering educational programs, providing technical assistance, and producing publications that promote problem-solving and excellence in the provision of dispute resolution services.
    • ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
      The ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources is the premier forum for lawyers working in areas related to environmental law, natural resources law, and energy law. The Section is committed to providing members with opportunities to enhance professional skills, stay on top of current developments, and dialogue in these substantive areas. Section membership will add to your professional skill set and broaden your knowledge.
    • ABA Section of Family Law
      The ABA Section of Family Law has over 10,000 lawyer, associate and law student members across the country and worldwide. Our members are dedicated to serving the field of family law in areas such as adoption, divorce, custody, military law, alternative families, and elder law.
    • ABA Section of Health Law
      The ABA Section of Health Law is dedicated to increasing interest in the field of health law. Its over 10,000 members represent all areas of the health law industry and are committed to educating the legal profession in this rapidly changing area of practice.
    • ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law
      The ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law is the largest intellectual property organization in the world and the oldest substantive Section of the ABA. Since 1894, we have advanced the development and improvement of intellectual property laws and their fair and just administration. As the forum for rich perspectives and balanced insight on the full spectrum of intellectual property law, the Section serves as the ABA voice of intellectual property law—within the profession, before policy makers, and with the public.
    • ABA Section of International Law
      The ABA Section of International Law is to be your gateway to global expertise and the international legal community.
    • ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law
      The ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law is your link to information that matters to you. Our 22,000+ members represent all perspectives of labor and employment law: employer, union, employee, public, and neutral. All are committed to a balanced discussion of employment issues in the United States and abroad. Section membership is open to all regular, associate and law student members of the ABA. Section dues are $40 for ABA Lawyer and Associate members and free for ABA Law Student Division members.
    • ABA Section of Litigation Law
      The ABA Section of Litigation is the premier association for lawyers involved in litigation and trial practice. More than 50,000 lawyers representing countless areas of practice turn to the ABA Section of Litigation for member-only access to the latest news, information, and thinking on legal strategy, bringing all sides to one place to form a comprehensive view of the profession.
    • ABA Section of Public Contract Law
      The ABA Section of Public Contract Law is to improve public procurement and grant law at the federal, state and local levels and promote the professional development of attorney and associate members in public procurement law. The Section pursues this mission through a structured committee system and educational and training programs that welcome and encourage member involvement, foster opportunities for all members of the Section, and that recognize and respond flexibly to the diverse needs, talents and interests of Section members.
    • ABA Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law
      The ABA Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law brings together members of the bar interested in the rapidly changing legal environment in the communications, cable TV, internet, electricity, gas, oil pipelines, aviation, motor carriers, railroads, and water industries.
    • ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law
      The ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law is a leading national forum for lawyers, and currently has over 30,000 members. The Real Property Division focuses on legal aspects of property use, ownership, development, transfer, regulation, financing, taxation and disposal. The Trust and Estate Division focuses on all aspects of trusts, estate planning, employee benefits, insurance, and probate and trust litigation.
    • ABA Section of of Science & Technology Law
      The Section of Science & Technology Law was formed in 1974 to provide a forum for addressing issues at the intersection of law, science, and technology. Since then, the Section has grown to become a focal point for information and policy on many important issues, such as computer and information security law, privacy, cybercrime, scientific evidence, genetic research and engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology.


    • ABA Section of State and Local Government Law
      The ABA Section of State and Local Government Law is the premier association for lawyers involved in urban, state, and local government law and policy. Lawyers representing countless government agencies from across the country turn to the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law to access the latest expert information on issues that relate to their practice and share ideas and best practices with colleagues. With so many of your peers in one place, you’re never alone.


    • ABA Section of Taxation Law
      The ABA Section of Taxation puts all of the latest information on administrative and procedural developments in tax law right at your fingertips. Our publications, meetings, and expert advice help you navigate the constantly changing landscape of tax law to enhance your career. Today more than ever, tax professionals need to be aware of new, substantive administrative and procedural developments in the law and proposed changes to tax code regulations.


ABA – Forums

    • ABA Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law
      This Forum’s objectives are to:
      (1) serve as a clearinghouse for lawyers of information and programs related to affordable housing and community development;
      (2) serve as a coordinator of educational and training programs within the ABA for lawyers practicing in the area of affordable housing and community development;
      (3) during each Association year, hold one or more educational meetings; and
      (4) provide training programs focusing on new issues or ongoing concerns.


    • ABA Forum on Air and Space Law
      The Forum on Air and Space Law is your link to vital and timely information in the aviation arena. You’ll join a group of more than 1,500 professionals who represent all areas of air and space law including airlines, airports, labor, financial communities, the FAA, DOT, NASA, as well as attorneys practicing in corporate, litigation and antitrust areas.


    • ABA Forum on Communications Law
      The more than 2,500 members of the Forum on Communications Law represent a wide variety of specialized legal talent. The principal aim and objective of the Forum are:(1) To encourage discussion of problems relating to legal counseling and representation of the the print media, the telecommunications industry, and the electronic media.
      (2) To promote the exchange of information among practitioners in the field. To support and promote research, forums, and publications focusing on communications
      (3) To keep abreast of developments in the law and to discuss evolving issues.
      (4) To preserve and develop professional competence and integrity in the practice of law.


    • ABA Forum on Construction Law
      The Forum on the Construction Industry was described many years ago as “a national opportunity for attorneys serving the construction industry to meet others in the construction field, attend educational sessions, exchange views and become acquainted with others having similar interest.” While the Forum has built substantially on that foundation over the years, the objectives recited in that narrative remain sound and serve as the organization’s guiding mission statement.
    • ABA Forum on Entertainment and Sports Law Our mission is to educate lawyers in the legal principles and transactional aspects of entertainment and sports law; to provide a platform for the discussion of issues affecting these fields, and to foster excellence in the practice of law in these fields. The forum is governed by a seven-member governing committee. Because of the diverse subjects covered by the forum, the governing committee created the following divisions: Interactive Media and New Technologies; Literary Publishing; Litigation; Merchandising and Licensing; Motion Pictures, Television, Cable, and Radio; Music and Personal Appearances; Sports; Theater and Performing Arts; and Visual Arts.
    • ABA Forum on Franchising
      The Mission of the Forum on Franchising is to be the preeminent forum for the study and discussion of the legal aspects of franchising.(1) To provide high quality educational programs and publications on the legal aspects of franchising.
      (2) To stimulate discussion of the legal aspects of franchising, in order to educate the legal community and the franchising community on issues of current concern.
      (3) To promote full and equal participation of minorities, women and other under-represented groups in Forum activities.
      (4) To enhance the professional growth of Forum members, among other ways by encouraging practitioners in all areas of franchise practice to participate fully in Forum activities.

      ABA – Divisions

    • ABA Division for Bar Services
      The ABA Division for Bar Services is organized under four objectives:
      (1) To serve as the primary communications link between the ABA and other bar associations
      (2) To provide staff support and/or liaison for key bar-related organizations
      (3) To provide education, training and management support services for bar leaders
      (4) To serve as coordinating agency for ABA services to bar associations.



    • ABA Judicial Division
      The Judicial Division of the American Bar Association is the ABA’s home for judges and is the judicial voice of the American Bar Association. With more than 4,000 members, we work actively to support an open, fair and impartial judiciary through our programs, publications and initiatives. The Judicial Division is dedicated to fair and impartial courts, judicial education, public education about the rule of law and the judicial system, judicial ethics and professionalism, and access and innovation to and within our courts.


    • ABA Law Student Division
      A membership in the ABA Law Student Division will enable you to stay ahead in law school and build a network to launch your career. Joining our nearly 50,000 members is a smart decision and your dues pay you back time and time again throughout the year.


    • ABA Division for Legal Services
      The Division for Legal Services provides staff support for 11 ABA committees and commissions, which promote access to justice for all and improvements in the delivery of legal services.



    • ABA Division for Public Services
      Throughout its history, one of the goals of the American Bar Association has been to apply the knowledge and experience of the legal profession to promotion of the public good. This is the overriding mission of the ABA’s Division for Public Services, an Association program division providing staff support and expertise for attorney-sponsored programs and activities that lend focus, voice and visibility to the Association’s public services role.


    • ABA Senior Lawyers Division
      The Senior Lawyers Division also offers a wide variety of programs and services for attorneys who have been in practice for at least 25 years. Receive useful information on financial and estate planning, tax and insurance matters, law partnership and Of Counsel agreements, pro bono work, and second careers (mediation and public service), and other topics of interest to practicing senior lawyers.


  • ABA Young Lawyers Division
    The ABA Young Lawyers Division, composed of approximately 153,500 members, is the home for young lawyers. The Division is committed to assuring we are best able to represent the profession.